Steven Banks

Founder | Advisor


Steven started his success early as a record-setting insurance agent.  He later was asked to join one of the nation’s largest consulting firms to launch a SaaS technology department in which he grew the single-employee division into a large multi-department division that eventually sold in excess of $60 million.  After the sale, he partnered with, at the time, a small family owned commercial roofing company located in Wilmington, NC.  Steven worked with the owners to develop an aggressive growth strategy and with no external financial assistance they organically quadrupled the company’s size in two years.  These successes paved the path to doing what he loves, helping businesses define and accomplish their targets.

Steven has a BBA in Business Management from Abilene Christian University and obtains multiple certifications in financial analysis, leadership, and organizational behavior.  He’s completed several leadership boot camps and hosts regular seminars and webinars on life and work betterment.

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